Keeping School Children Safe With High Quality Reflector Products & Road Safety Education


100,000 reflector for school children

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Sipi, Kapchorwa, Uganda

#2 Serving More Than 10,000 Ugandan

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1 000 000 FREE High Quality Reflector Products to school children

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Kapchorwa, Uganda

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Money Spent $ 1,500.00
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Money Spent $ 5,690.00

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Pedestrian Reflector for Children (100pcs)
Pedestrian safety reflectors clothing (100PCS)

Pedestrian Reflector for Children (100pcs)


Pedestrians and drivers can increase their nighttime visibility with pedestrian safety reflectors. These reflectors truly are a charity gift that can save lives. Buy and choose where we delivering you donation.

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Pedestrian safety reflectors clothing (100PCS)


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